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Today I Love My Office

my office
It’s a lovely place to hang

Today I love my office and that’s a good thing because I’m here to record my radio show for this coming Sunday. I love that my recliner where I usually write is just downstairs waiting for me to finish up here in my office. I love that there is big news about the radio show and I’m excited, even if the news isn’t big enough to be exciting to others. I love that the big news is a big secret for now. I love that I’m such a tease when things like this happen. And I love how much I am enjoying doing a radio show even if I only do an hour of radio every four weeks, I might actually consider doing more just for fun and finding some place online to put it so that it can be sent out into the world … maybe not. I love that I can hear my partner saying, “You already do a lot of things for free.” I love that she doesn’t care about that as much as it sounds, she just cares about me and that makes me happy. I love that I have the equipment to record things and that I get closer and closer to recording some sort of hash track album of my music and if I do that I’m pretty sure I’d have sales in the seven to ten CD range within the first year, talk about doing things for free, eh? 😉

Today I love that my smart watch is almost here at my door, and I can feel myself getting smarter by the moment as it gets closer and closer. I love that it has been some time since I have worn a watch, not because I don’t have one, but because the really cool black on black watch I own has gotten so scratched on the crystal and my eyes have gotten so bad at close distances and the black on black was maybe a mistake so I can wear it but it can’t tell me what time it is. I love that I also have my father’s pocket watch, the one that I gave to him as a gift some years ago and received back at his funeral in August, but it will be kept and worn only for good.

Today I love raisins in my oatmeal, though I may have gone a little bit overboard by putting enough raisins to make three or four bunches of grapes into the pot. I love that there is so much food in our fridge that we have to eat it strategically in order to make sure that none of it goes bad before we can use it, what were we thinking? I love that it seems to be the perfect weather to put on a sweater, or Jumper as my friends in the U.K. would say, though I’m unsure what kind of jumping they wear them for.

Today I love sipping coffee while I contemplate my radio show recording that I’ll be doing shortly. Yay!

Today I Love My Office

Kelly Babcock

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