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Today I Love All The Weather

empty coffee cup and no snow
Memories of things that have passed

Today I love all the weather and the fact that it is supposed to be sunny with cloudy periods and the tiniest smattering of rain and while we were waiting for laundry to be ready to go out on the line we got a dusting of snow that lasted not quite ten seconds and I said my famous line, “Hey look, everybody, it’s snowing!” and then I laughed as it quit. I love that I cannot even take a photo of the flakes to prove it happened because they melted that quickly. I love that I don’t care, I don’t need to prove it to anyone, maybe it happened just for us and we enjoyed it and that’s all that was needed. I love that the laundry is still going out on the line unless it starts pouring rain. I love Autumn so much, her lovely rich colors and her bright crisp changes in wind and temperature, her sweet and adventurous soul, her wild produce and her “last fling” attitude before her sister, Winter, arrives. I love that I have learned to spend my Autumnal time savoring instead of lamenting, that’s three months more happiness than a lot of people get. I love the things that are associated with Autumn, pies, apples, squash and pumpkins, fall walks, changing activities, baking with an appreciation of the warmth it imparts to the house, I love it all.

Today I love that we made it through both of the meals we were invited to and I only ate too much twice, once at each meal, trust me, I’ve done much worse to myself. I love that I do remember times when I had eaten too much and had known it was time to stop and then the inevitable last dish of the meal was remembered and brought forward and I’d suited up with bib armor and cutlery weapons and done battle on the table again. I love that I am at least a survivor of many a thanksgiving battle and even a victor of most of them, though sometimes the victory was not declared until a day or two later when it became more likely that I would survive.

Today I love bread pudding of which there were two over this weekend for me to try and both were worthy offerings. I love how many great recipes were brought out for the weekend and all of them were grand. I love that there were things I did not eat, not because I didn’t like them, but because there were more exotic things to try and I was saving space for them. I love that I am still thankful for many things, but mostly I am thankful that my thanksgiving in my country comes early, so that I get to help build up the anticipation for my American readers, get ready, it’s coming.

Today I love drinking my coffee while watching the weather change so quickly, but like the snow, my coffee has somehow managed to disappear. Oh well, no matter, because like the snow there will always be more on the way.

Today I Love All The Weather

Kelly Babcock

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