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Today I Love The First Day Of School Again

my empty street
Not a child could be heard …

Today I love the first day of school again and only wish I were going back. I love that the good children get to go back to school while the bad children have to go back to school. I love how that made me laugh a little, and yes I know that there are good children who struggle in school, I know it all too well, trust me, but it was a joke and quite applicable in many cases, so there. I love that I still love to laugh, even at myself; no, I take that back, especially at myself. I love that I have fond memories of school and that the bad ones seem to have been left behind with the trash where they belong. I love that the greatest lesson I ever learned was that I mostly get to decide what baggage I’ll carry with me and so I choose the good baggage, the good memories at every opportunity. I love how much this practice of writing “Today I Love …” reflects my childhood practice of lying in bed at night and going through my day to find one good thing about it before I went to sleep. I love that even then I would often discover that I could not keep it down to just one thing.

Today I love that I am likely going to have to call off the Dragon Boat launch this evening, but if I do there will be a lovely thunder storm as the reason. I love dark clouds, love rain, love the majestic rolling thunder and the brilliant moody flashes of lightning. I love contemplating the etymology of words and the word lightning has always intrigued me, there are three distinct and yet correct words that are similar to each other, lighting, lightning, and lightening, and each one came from the root light, and each one has a perfectly logical and valid place in our language. I love that the word lightning always makes me smile quietly at the thought that we have no restriction on or budget of words in our language, so take that Big Brother.

Today I love that on the weekends at breakfast time I always think, “Oh bacon and eggs, how I have missed you.” and then during the week I always think, “Oh porridge, how I have missed you.” and I am completely sincere about both those thoughts. I love that I am at home with a lot of things in front of me to do in this shortened week, but i am on the front porch in bare feet listening to the absolute lack of children playing and I am hoping they are just as joyous in their captivity as they were in their freedom. I love that the world feels like a slightly darker and marginally more sorrowful place with the children all gathered up and held in institutions for their betterment, but I only love it because I look forward to hearing them being released and turned back out onto the streets where they belong, and yes, it will be easy enough to hear when that happens.

Today I love sitting on the front porch, drinking coffee and writing in the sad silence, because it reminds me of how much I like hearing the community children playing their summer away. Hey you kids, go ahead and walk on my lawn.

Today I Love The First Day Of School Again

Kelly Babcock

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