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Today I Love Quiet Fireplaces

cottage fireplace
Waiting quietly

Today I love quiet fireplaces that stand ready on the wall, waiting until they are needed, testing the air and sensing the coming time when they will be called on to make the cottage or the house the comfortable sanctuary that they can be when the weather starts to chill. I love that we used up or wore out one set of kids yesterday and brought in a new set of them today. I love that the squealing happy laughter continues. I love that although the water was too cold for swimming yesterday I was able to go in to get a mask and snorkel that were thrown over the side of the dock by an experimenting four year old, and though the effects of shock almost immediately set in I was able to keep my head and search the bottom in sections with my feet in the rough, cold and turbid water that was chest high and found the thing I was looking for within three minutes. I love that though I had little control by then of my arm muscles I managed to toss the thing up onto our modular plastic dock. I love that when it actually slid across the dock and fell back into the water, the owner of the mask and snorkel was able to scramble to that side and pluck it back out before it sunk, ’cause i don’t think I could have gone back in once I was out. I love that once I was out I hugged the four year old while I was still sopping wet somewhat against his will though he was laughing and that felt like just retribution for my having to go in to that cold water.

Today I love that we had broad flake oatmeal for breakfast and there were strawberries in it and it’s been quite a while since I’ve eaten rolled oats but they were good and the company was friendly and good as well. I love that it is reasonably quiet here at the cottage, other than the loud old guy who keeps laughing and yelling at kids and … wait, that’s me. I love that a couple of the kids shot the spud gun off under supervision yesterday. I love that we’re ready for a fire this evening if the rain holds off. I love that even if it rains it’s supposed to be less than an eighth of an inch accumulation over five hours and there’s only a forty percent chance of that. I love good weather, and almost any weather is good weather to me.

Today I love the smell of Autumn even though Summer is only two thirds over. I love the way that I can smell both seasons in the air at the same time. I love that cedar seems to smell the same and yet different depending on the temperature of the day. I love that there are lots of cedars around our cottage.

Today I love drinking coffee by the quiet and patiently waiting fireplace and dreaming about watching curling in the light of the flickering flames that are sure to be ignited in a month or two.

Today I Love Quiet Fireplaces

Kelly Babcock

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