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Today I Love Getting My Swing Back

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Golf coffee

Today I love getting my swing back and though it wasn’t consistent I managed to hit the ball mostly in the direction that I wanted to. I love that we found more balls than we lost, though the opportunities for finding other balls usually increases only with bad golfing. I love that we laughed and let quite a few other golfers go by us because we weren’t as interested in playing at the normal speed as much as we were interested in figuring out where we could improve the way we play. I love that one of us is learning to golf and the other one is relearning how to play golf and the latter is me and it’s like I’m starting all over again. I love that this happens every year, and often at the end of the year that I start thinking I’m going to go out golfing more often. I love that I’m so bad at it and yet I still enjoy it so much. I love that I often tell better golfers that they aren’t getting their money’s worth out of their game, I usually get an average of fifty percent more opportunities to hit the ball than they do. I love that I have golfed off and on since high school, so for more than forty years.

Today I love getting a bunch of my work done yesterday. I love managing to do some of everything that was on my list to do. I love that we are still talking about going to the cottage, even though we didn’t make it there yesterday and couldn’t spend the night and can’t do that tonight. I love the cottage and am hoping to get there for a few consecutive days in the near future, maybe in a week or more, that will be grand. I love that our cottage has slowly become the essence of the feelings that the word “cottage” conjures in me, that it is now the place I want to go on holidays when I need to recharge, the place where I want to spend weekends, the place I feel calling to me when I feel like the world is trying to chase me down and bully me.

Today I love that at one moment while I was writing this post the date and time here in my home was 9:19:19 on 9/19/19 and that was pretty cool, right? I love numbers when they sneak up on my and do cool stuff. I love words because I can make them do cool stuff, but numbers dance to their own music and so their contrivances to be special are often surprising and sudden.

Today I love drinking coffee and pondering my atrocious yet thoroughly enjoyable golf performance yesterday, and thinking that I should probably not waste the golf course’s time by making them allow me to play ever again, but it’s just too much fun.

Today I Love Getting My Swing Back

Kelly Babcock

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