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Today I Love Folk Music Ontario

Home grown tomatoes
Each one tastes like a thousand

Today I love Folk Music Ontario and the absolutey great and wonderful time I had hanging with people who feel music, people for whom music is both a form of sustenance and a means of communication. I love that the place was thick with folkies tripping over each other and themselves and I felt right at home and waded in and tripped over a few of them myself. I love that waves of them were washing up against the walls of the lobby and rivers of them would flow down the hallways, pause to ride elevators to different floors and then flow out the doors and down the hall way to empty into deltas in showcase rooms where sunsets and winding country roads would be portrayed on make do stages and then the river of folkies would rear up and flow back on itself and find its way to another set of rapids and then on to more stories and songs and it just kept going. I love that there might be a song in there but I can’t bring myself to write it for fear I don’t do it justice. I love that I got to go to the conference on a chance because the timing just didn’t work out for anyone else and though I could not attend the whole thing I also could not see the ticket being completely wasted by no one going, so I packed up some coffee and headed on down the road. I loved seeing Jon Farmer in his element, a folkie and radio DJ among folkies and producers and record execs and musicians.

Today I love plans to clean up some small messes around the house and go for a walk and maybe cut the grass if I can keep up with the lawn mower. I love Sundays when we sleep late and make ambitious plans and then decide that we’ll be happy if we just get one or two of the things done. I love that we’re up and fed, so our quota is filled, anything more we do now is a bonus. I love that the internet got fixed because of something we laugh about all the time and yet it solves most technical problems, “Have you tried turning it off and then on again.”

Today I love fried tomatoes and onions, especially when the tomatoes came out of our garden and they taste like a thousand tomatoes for every one that is in there, so rich and sweet and exotically wonderfully good. I love that there is a plan afoot to make the radio show’s music storage a virtual thing so that none of us have to chase down the hard drive any more, that will be cool. I love that I still, after all these years, seem to be able to drive for miles and miles and miles and miles, pretty fulfilling. I love that as a kid learning to drive I never got my fill and any chance I got to drive was never long enough, never far enough.

Today I love drinking coffee while I wander through my memories of all the people I met and saw at the conference.

Today I Love Folk Music Ontario

Kelly Babcock

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