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Today I Love Being Up Before The Dawn

the start of dawn
A good morning …

Today I love being up before the dawn and having my life feel like a Supertramp song, though I’m staying right here for now, or at least until we head out to the cottage later. I love that, although I know everyone in my life, I still think of myself as a stranger because I’m stranger than most of the people I know and as to the ones I’m not stranger than, it’s a close call as to who might be the most strange, so the song Goodbye Stranger still works for me. I love the magic of music in the dark hours of early morning when I can break away from my living room and be miles away in my mind just by listening to a few minutes of a song. I love how the radio gets us up in the morning and starts making me feel like I’m reaching out into the world before I even lift my head from the pillow. I love that although I threatened to take a nap yesterday, it just never happened and by the time I finally did get the time to try it was bed time and I was ready for that. I love that someone messaged me yesterday to tell me I am awesome, and I assure you that does not happen on a daily basis so it was kind of nice to hear. I love that now that I’m thinking about it, you get what you give so I’m just going to go ahead and say, you’re awesome too Melissa.

Today I love that I dreamt about work and trying to make things happen online and nothing was going right and then I woke up and was complaining about that to my partner and telling her I was pretty sure it was alright because I had no phone or computer so I was fairly certain it was a dream and none of the things I was changing would actually affect the work site, but this morning I asked and nope, we had no conversation like that so I apparently dreamed that I woke up and was explaining that I was dreaming, which explains why I went right back to working online after saying I was certain that I was dreaming.

Today I love fresh oatmeal for breakfast. I love looking forward to a rainy damp day of creativity and fun if the opportunity for such things arises, and just getting things done if that opportunity is waiting for another day to make itself known. I love that my day will have precipitous percussive accompaniment and my deeds will be done to the rhythm of rainfall today. I love that I know places where I can be outside but stay dry and happy while the rain keeps me company and cheers me on.

Today I love drinking coffee in the dark of the early morning as the day peeks over the eastern edge of my world and gets ready to happen.

Today I Love Being Up Before The Dawn

Kelly Babcock

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