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Today I Love Being Ready To Go

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Today I love being ready to go and seize the day and not just hold on to it, though I’ll do that for all I’m worth, but to squeeze it dry of every drop of goodness that it has to offer me. I love that I will be off to Summerfolk construction soon and that’s going to be fun. I love that there will be problems because that means we will bring the solutions or find ways to make those problems become opportunities. I love that there will be things that need doing and we will do them in our own way. I love loading up my tools and putting on my boots and heading out to do things I know how to do in the aid of something I love to see succeed, our very own folk festival. I love that it happens every year close to the anniversary of Woodstock. I love that it has survived for so long and that it is nearly as old as my McKinlay family reunion. I love that the Facebook is showing me photos of Summerfolk construction from years gone by and there’s a picture of my old red dodge truck hauling the front of house sound stage trailer up onto the top of the amphitheatre for the main stage and that reminds me how much I miss that truck and how much I loved driving that old wreck around.

Today I love that we think we’ve found the illusive next kayak for our fleet and that means we’ll have one each for the cottage and one each at home, and when we need all four at one place or the other we can do that by just moving two of them. I love that we both will have the same kayaks in each place, ones that suit our sizes and that is great. I love that I’m pretty sure I can squeeze into one of the smaller ones and when I do they are really fast to paddle, but I really love that, even though they’re slower and heavier, the ones that fit me are capable of carrying all our gear if we need them to. I love that we can both go out in the same kayaks if we need to, if the one we think we’ve found works out … we’ll see, watch this blog for further details.

Today I love that when I found my other laptop out on the patio table covered in dew this morning and brought it in and wiped it off it booted right up and seems to be fine even though it must clearly be embarrassed to have such an absent minded owner. I love getting ready to hang freshly washed working clothes out on the line before I go off to dirty the next set. I love that I have a mess of T-shirts that are Summerfolk volunteer shirts and that everyone on the construction crew wears them all the time.I love that my stack of them is getting bigger every year. I love that this year they went with the bold choice of beige because … hmmm, sorry, can’t think of a thing for that one. I love that that just made me laugh.

Today I love drinking coffee while the laundry finishes up and the writing gets done and the truck gets tooled up for the next round of Summerfolking.

Today I Love Being Ready To Go

Kelly Babcock

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