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Today I Love This Crowded Busy Day

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Today I love this crowded busy day full of all the things that need doing before my Friday ends. I love that I have to do work in five different jobs to get me through this day. I love that at least two of them are considered real work with a paycheck attached to them and that there might be a sixth and a seventh added in and they would also be paying gigs. I love that all of my paying jobs are “as needed” types of work and that most days they occupy just snippets of my time because my mind works best in snippets of time. I love hearing people around here talk about the heat and in my mind I just substitute cold words for hot ones and I can hear the same idle conversations I did six months ago. I love accepting and enduring and especially enjoying the weather, no matter what it brings my way, I love that I spend weeks hoping for a good storm and it seems like we haven’t had one in forever. I love thunder rumbling in the distance, but i love it even more when it is right here and immediate and rattling my windows and my soul. I love that I will keep hoping for a good storm, because, if it comes, my hoping won’t have caused it and I can just enjoy it without guilt, so few things in life can be enjoyed without guilt of some sort.

Today I love that one of my jobs today is hosting the Friday Afternoon Open Mic and Coffee House at the Bleeding Carrot and I love that this one is four hours long. I love that the whole down town will be alive with music and people and stuff going on. I love that this weekend is a big one in my little city with the main street closed to vehicular traffic tomorrow and people out on the street walking and talking and stuff will be for sale and vendors will be lined up shoulder to shoulder with their wares and entertainments. I love when this town decides it is time to wake things up and shake things loose, because they usually manage to do that very well.

Today I love that it is Friday. I love that this weekend is the beginning of our next big adventure. I love that said adventure is a week long one and I love that we’ll be coming back home to our city in the summer and no matter where we go and what we go to see, that’s a pretty good lure to get me home again. I love that I’m getting my next radio show episode finished up, hopefully today, that it is a week early so that I don’t have to pack gear and do the thing on the road, and that through the magical time traveling and shifting wonder of electronic recording and storage I will be on the air here while I’m in the air there on my way back from holidays.

Today I love drinking coffee while I finish up the last few words of one of the tasks I have to do in one of my jobs for this busy, crowded, fun day.

Today I Love This Crowded Busy Day

Kelly Babcock

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