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Today I Love That Ring Around The Sun

sun with ring around it
Sun Dogs in a ring

Today I love that ring around the sun that tells me that there is moisture in the air and a haziness that I always associate with Summer, her way of softening the view of her features so that the world looks good in photos. I love how beautiful the world looks this time of year and I love even more how beautiful the scenery is here where we are on our one week July adventure on Vancouver Island. I love that we are taking a couple of days to see the sights and yesterday was a lot of sights even though it was the day we had thought to rest up on or at least take it easy on for that resting reason. I love that we walked two miles to rent a car because that just makes me laugh for some reason. I love that when we went to navigate three consecutive round-abouts I got lost after number one, but my partner drove confidently through all three and managed to take the right exit in every one of them and in forty-five seconds from entering the first one to exiting the last one nothing went wrong and so she wins all the driving, Yay! I love that I cannot fathom the problems that the man who designed three freaking round-abouts that close together must have had either in his design requirements if all three were actually necessary, or in his personal life if he just did that to be mean.

Today I love that we are heading out on the road again to find ourselves a ferry and get ourselves to an even smaller island. I love that my mind wanted to add “… so that we have less chance of getting lost.” to that last line but I wouldn’t let it … until now. I love that we have sights on a list that we have deemed as “needs seeing” and so we’re going to do that, dammit! I love that our list was ended because we haven’t got enough time to write down everything that needs seeing. I love that my biggest regret in life will be that I will not have laid eyes on everything that deserves to be seen in this world, but the not seeing will not be because I don’t want to but because life is too short by multiples for me to do and see all the things that should be done and seen.

Today I love that we wandered down along the shore and came across a lovely restaurant with the unlikely name of the Surly Mermaid where every single staff member was anything but surly and we had an amazing meal and amazing service and we would recommend that place to anyone who isn’t actually seeking our surly mermaids to serve them food.

Today I love drinking coffee on the balcony of our room while the sun rises gallantly from the mountains across the straight and hangs a silver ring in the sky around itself in an attempt to look as good as Summer herself.

Today I Love That Ring Around The Sun

Kelly Babcock

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