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Today I Love All The Milkweed

milkweed blooming
I love the smell of this stuff

Today I love all the milkweed that is growing in our yard, the exotic stuff in the front bed and the native stuff out back that is barely starting to bloom but is already giving off a heady perfume. I love that in the heat of yesterday evening we escaped to the cottage because I’m pretty sure I was close to expiring and someone thought it would be a good idea to take me where the air was cooler and the atmosphere was calmer and I could dangle my feet in the water and watch the sun set. I love that I was compelled, beyond my ability to refuse, to take photographs of the sunset and the following sky for about fifteen minutes, and they were all beautiful. I love that I felt so refreshed after yesterday evening and slept like a rock. I love that we are still trying to figure out the best place and alignment for our dock, and will likely do that all over again next year when we put it in again, and the next year … and the next. I love that mostly because it gives us the opportunity to enjoy that old floating dock in different places and eventually we’ll figure out where we like it best, maybe. I love that dock and cottage and the chances to slip away to them for relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and soul.

Today I love that the piano will be sounding much better by the end of the day, though still not in tune with the world it will at least be in tune with itself, mostly, I’m sure. I love that it is over one hundred years old, that it has no other purpose than to make music (though we do use it as a lamp and drum stand), and that it is beautiful. I love that it gets played often enough to sound happy with itself, and I love that I’m pretty certain that it will sound even happier after today. I love that our friend, Justin Burgess, is the man with the skills to take care of this for us.

Today I love that there will be dragon boating tonight if the weather holds. I love that I am on some Canadian registry of dragon boat steerers as an accredited steerer. I love that I cannot, for the life of me, understand why they don’t call us helms or helmsmen and helmswomen or helmspersons, steerer seems so clumsy. I love that I can do it, that it feels natural to me, that I am confident at it and happy when I’m on the back of that boat. I love that I feel like I am a part of the boat, a piece of the machine that includes the others and that we are, for that while, a single and powerful entity.

Today I love sitting on the front porch and writing in the early warmth of the day while the milkweed quietly and slowly blooms nearby.

Today I Love All The Milkweed

Kelly Babcock

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