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Today I Love Reminders Of Good Times

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Today I love reminders of good times, like the old community show, “Sounds at the Market Place.” I love how we used to be the “in” performance art scene in town, not an organized event at a business to increase traffic, though those are always good win-win situations, but a repurposing of a space when it was quiet, solely for our own enjoyment and the sharing of our performance art for anyone who wanted to experience it. I love that the people who used to attend Sounds were all either acquaintances or were about to become acquaintances with each other. I love how that monthly event drew the artists like some kind of creativity magnet. I love how writing about this year’s gone event still makes me look off wistfully into the distance, I wonder if it will ever come back again, even just for a visit? I love that the community that it supported and that supported it still exists here and still thrives, but I know that it would welcome that show back with open arms. I love that whenever anyone talks about Sounds all I can think of to say is that such talk sounds good, and it does.

Today I love that I am in my Wednesday office and it is as much like a Summer day as I need it to be, though it is still just Spring. I love that I intend to go for a walk this morning to shake out the moths from my brain and loosen up the kinks in my joints and air out the rattling in my lungs. I love that I am growing up and old but am still just a child at heart and intend to remain so until I am done with this old life of adventure and joy, and I intend for that to be a long way off yet. I love that driving here this morning felt like a summer road trip and those are the best. I love adventures and I love things that remind me of being on adventures so I just call them adventures too, even though they are just every day life.

Today I love that the lilacs are starting to bloom and every now and then the wind backs around so that we can smell the neighbor’s lilacs in our back yard. I love that last night the dragon boat was paddled by a good crew who, though not a racing team, were all experienced and all fell into the rhythm quickly and moved that boat well, even though there were only eight of them. I love that I feel so at home standing on the after deck of our sturdy boat and leaning on the steering oar and watching how smoothly our boat glides, gauging wind and drift, watching where the pivot point is based on the load and the power and learning, usually just in time, what it will take to put the boat back in to its home slip without having to draw sideways and without hitting anything.

Today I love drinking coffee in my Wednesday office and reminiscing about boats and shows and lovely weather.

Today I Love Reminders Of Good Times

Kelly Babcock

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