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Today I Love Breakfast Outside

chives in our yard
Chive army on  maneuvers

Today I love breakfast outside in the long awaited sun. I love that I slept so well last night and that has me feeling pretty good today. I love that there are huge plans for this day that involve the dock at the cottage growing by about thirty percent. I love that there is still a steady progression on the creation of chairs for the outdoors at our cottage. I love that I am still determined to try my hand at making one of these from scratch. I love that I am pretty sure that the chairs I’m building from kits are about the perfect size and design and so if I build one from scratch it’s going to be pretty close to these ones, they are so comfortable. I love that we have three together and three more in various stages of production from still in the box, through ready to be stained, to ready to be assembled. I love that by the time Summer officially arrives, they will all be looking pretty and perky and ready for people to sit in them in strategic places at the cottage. I love how this Summer is shaping up and coming together, love that when it finally gets here and is Summer I’ll be sooooo ready. I love that we are on our way very shortly to that same aforementioned cottage to do what we can this weekend to be ready for this coming Summer.

Today I love that the sun is shining brilliantly here in our corner of this big old world and that makes up for yesterday when it was cloudy and the cloud ceiling was somewhere around our knees. I love that a cloud ceiling that low is referred to as fog, but people think that fog is a thing and clouds are something else, but it’s really just how high they are off the ground. I love weather of all kinds, it makes me feel alive no matter what it’s like. I particularly love storms. snow storms, rain storms, all the lightning, bring it on and let me watch it with a hot cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate and I will sit quietly and do that for as long as I am able.

Today I love potatoes in the omelette of the day. I love that nearly ten percent of our back yard is chives and they show little interest in ceasing their onslaught and setting aside their devious plan to take over the yard first and the world after that. I love that we are, so far, able to thwart them in their plans, but if we fail I will let you all know here so you can be prepared for the coming battles.

Today I love drinking coffee and reminiscing about breakfast on the back deck in the soothing sun, that was good.

Today I Love Breakfast Outside

Kelly Babcock

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