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Today I Love This Complicated Day

dwarf Alberta spruce
Serious calculations going on …

Today I love this complicated day of forecasted sun but actual rain, of air outside warmer than the air in the car, of hopes to do outdoor things but the reality of doing indoor things on the porch. I love that a robin landed on the porch at my feet and scared itself and made me jump a little as well. I love that I can hear a siren in the distance because life does not happen without problems, but sirens mean someone is getting the help they need. I love that our lawn is awash with dandelions, tenacious, perky, cheery little yellow maned things, and they seem to have learned how to grow under the height of the mower and that pleases me. I love that our lawn is not just grass but is a bio-diversified montage of various leaves and flowers, a meadow even when I cut it, a place for miniature wildlife to thrive. I love that the back yard is no different, though I would love to see better behaved bindweed that had a little respect for the other residents back there. I love the golden green of the fresh new growth on the dwarf Alberta spruce trees in the front yard. I love that these trees grow about two inches a year, so that they don’t make me feel like time is racing by.

Today I love that we’re going to add another night of dragon boat paddling this year to see how that goes, and tonight is the night. I love that I’m thinking we need to start training new steerers and coaches because we have an adventure coming up mid summer that will leave the boat with one less steerer and one less coach for a week or so. I love that I still feel like it’s wrong to say “steerer” and not “helmsman” or “helm” but I’m okay with it as long as I get to do it. I love that the water is such a great place to be when the weather is good and that even when it is challenging there is a feeling of liberty out there when our boat is slipping along, free of the grasp of the land.

Today I love that I may read for a bit and that I will make bread. I love that our laundry now smells of being dried on the line. I love contemplating all the adventures that are coming my way in the next little while. I love that I have a bargain with life and so far it has kept up its end. I love when people are happy to be able to share accomplishments or news or even just their feelings.

Today I love drinking coffee out on the front porch while I write and the rain drizzles and the dwarf Alberta spruce trees calculate the required growth that is needed today in order for them to make their two inch yearly quota.

Today I Love This Complicated Day

Kelly Babcock

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