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Today I Love The Way The Mist Is Marching

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Today I love the way the mist is marching determinedly up the bay. I love this magical place of mysterious goings on. I love that we have become a part of those goings on and the mysteries are no less mysterious to us. I love that there are so many country things that I didn’t realize I was missing in the city, love that they seem natural to me until someone says “What’s that I hear?” and without thinking I say, “That was a kildeer. They’re closely related to the piping plover.” and then I realize that I haven’t heard them in a few years and now, here they are near our cottage. I love that I am more at home in the country than I am in the city and yet am drawn to the city easily, and so I love that I get to be in both places, just not at the same time. I love that I am always happy to come to the cottage and again happy to go home, it’s a matter of looking forward instead of backward. I love that if I look forward far enough I can see the way back from where I’m going and I can enjoy both the destination and the return. I love our home and I love our cottage.

Today I love that we have several projects on the go here today, one involving a lawn tractor, one involving a snowblower, and one involving new, unassembled wooden chair kits and a can of stain. I love that I am determined to manage all three projects today, though if I don’t manage to get the chair parts stained AND assembled I’ll be okay with that, I guess. I love that we pondered six colors for the six chairs, then contemplated staining each kit that different color and then mixing up the parts so they’d be rainbow chairs, then contemplated three colors so there’d be three pairs of chairs that each matched and then thought we’d do two colors and pair them up so that each pair was complimentary and in the end we got just one color and we’re quite happy with our choice … so far. 😉

Today I love cottage morning fried breakfast. I love that in a few short weeks I’ll be able to cook breakfast out on the deck. I love that the grass needs to be cut but the rain keeps damping down the lawn and saying, “Not yet you don’t. You just sit there and wait.” I love when the rain is looking out for me and making sure I get some rest. I love that the rain is not the only entity that concerns themself with my well being. I love how good life is when someone is looking out for me.

Today I love drinking my coffee at the cottage while the mist goes by like low lying clouds marching on Wiarton at the top of the bay, probably to take over that town and bring it a bit of mystery of its own.

Today I Love The Way The Mist Is Marching

Kelly Babcock

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