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Today I Love Open Mic Day

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Today I love open mic day and since I only host it once every four weeks or so I love it even more when it is my turn to host and this is that day. I love that today is also the day of The Annual Mental Health Coffee House at the Grey Bruce Regional Health Centre and that’s going to be a great show, it always is. I love that this whole weekend is going to be so busy for me, there are so many things that we are doing. There is the symphony and the Donald Quan show and the Mental Health Coffee House as mentioned above and also the open mic and re-registering at the YMCA to get back to exercising, and a trip out of town and an attempt to spend some time at the cottage and the Farmers’ Market and whatever else comes up. I love that this town can always be counted on to fill up a weekend with quality stuff. I love this town, I must, I’ve written two songs about loving it. I love how easy it is to load up ones schedule to the point where you suddenly realize that your weekend has flickered by seemingly in an instant and all you did was go hard and have fun. I love when I start a week thinking, “Next weekend I have to do some serious relaxing …” while knowing full well that it isn’t very likely to happen.

Today I love that yesterday I loaded up a bunch of stuff and took it to the thrift store, found and opened up a few boxes of books I’ve been missing, and shuffled some stuff around so there’s more room in the garage. I love that my plan is a bootstrap plan because I’m going to use the newly freed up room in the garage to work on sorting through the rest of the garage stuff with the hope that we will be able to use the garage as a garage by next winter.

Today I love that I have a hankering for deep fried food and there may be a chance that I will get to satiate that hankering. I love that every time I think of fries I think of the old food truck that used to be at the market in town and now that it is gone the food there will just get better and better in my memory. I love how good memories can become better with time. I love that I have been working hard on restraining myself from buying a gizmo that cuts potatoes into fries and I really love that I might be losing that battle. I also love that I’ve been contemplating buying an outdoor deep fryer and now that I think about that the two things would make a great combination to have at the cottage.

Today I love drinking coffee while I sit quietly in my old chair and contemplate all the things that I need to do this weekend and wonder if I’ll get through the next three days without buying a potato chopper.

Today I Love Open Mic Day

Kelly Babcock

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