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Today I Love the Diamond Scattered Snow

backyard spring snow glittering
Brilliants, scattered on the last snow

Today I love the diamond scattered snow that looks like white sugar mixed with brilliants, and when I cast my glance across it, it casts back to me the reflection of a thousand sparking suns. I love this likely last white blanket of snow for this season, love that it has lasted yet another day and likely will be here tomorrow still to some extent. I love that we have finally decided that as soon as this snow is seventy-five percent gone we will absolutely turn off our Christmas lights outside, at least until I can get up the tree to fix the ones up top that seem to have stopped working. I love that even with the missing lights on the top twenty percent of the tree, our tree was still the most beautiful one on our block this year, just as it was last year. I love that the temperatures over the next few days are going to climb from the high twenties to the low fifties over the next five or six days and we are ready for that here. I love that I have some road trips ahead of me this next two to four weeks or so and I will appreciate the weather and roads being less winter like for that. I love driving in my shirtsleeves rather than having to wear a bulky coat on longer hauls.

Today I love that I am off to the cottage today or tomorrow to make sure everything is alright there and to top up my reserve of cottage calm so that I can keep on rolling through the raging weeks of work-a-day mayhem that stalks my life. I love that that last line started out being as true as life itself and ended up as such a joke, my work-a-day mayhem is often as much a joy to me as my cottage breaks.

Today I love tea when it is offered, green tea yesterday at our fun sushi gathering, and orange pekoe today to fill in a little between cups of coffee. I love that yesterday our garden got a start on paper and some of the seeds got a start in little pots so that they have a good chance at being sturdy enough to endure our climate and growing season. I love that I now have set before me the task of making my own seed tape as it was shown to me that that was a doable thing. I love that this year we have every intention of growing carrots, beets and parsnips. I love remembering how parsnips were the first vegetables out of our garden every spring because they remained in the earth over the winter. I loved how the taste of them always got me excited to get our garden growing again.

Today I love drinking coffee by the window while I gaze upon the treasures and riches of the diamond scattered backyard of snow.

Today I Love the Diamond Scattered Snow

Kelly Babcock

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