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Today I Love The Snow Dusted Path

stone path with snow
The garden path gathers a bit of spring snow

Today I love the snow dusted path that leads through the back yard to places where plans we have made will be put into action this year and maybe some of those plans will yield results and make our back yard even more of a place of joy and wonder. I love that there are already memories here of that place and they are good ones. I love that there are lots of things happening that are good things, moving us and others in positive directions toward good goals. I love that a friend is on her way to a conference that is important to her, that she is offsetting the impact of her trip by actions that will balance the footprint of her travel, that she is being compensated for her expertise, and that these things all show her passion. I love that we are also engaged in a trip this weekend and it too is about passion. I love that my coffee maker has become all judgey and is often giving me only half a cup but almost always makes a whole cup for everyone else that uses it, and that just makes me laugh, a coffee maker that’s a critic. What? You don’t like my work, Mr. coffee maker? Maybe if I were working on a whole cup of coffee …

Today I love all the things I have to do in my home and in my community, cleaning, laundry maybe, library run, some groceries, packing, writing, it’s all good stuff and I’m up for it. I love that this weekend is going to be yet another adventure. I love when opportunities present themselves and I love that these days I am inclined to say yes first and then ask myself why not rather than saying no like I used to and then regretting thatbut being unable to change my mind because I was already not being adventurous then.

Today I love that there was a hawk of some kind on the corner post of our back fence yesterday afternoon. I love that I got to curl one last time last night and I threw some good rocks and had a good time. I love that my sewing machine is working well and that yesterday I patched a pair of jeans, and replaced a front pocket in another pair. I love that my sewing is kind of a hit or miss sort of thing. I love that patterns are not a thing I worry about because … yeah, I’m a sort of a holistic sewer and if it doesn’t turn out okay I just hide what I’ve done and never speak of it to anyone. 😉

Today I love quietly watching the dusting of snow gather on the back yard path as spring makes sure we get this year’s budget of precipitation in whatever form is available and appropriate for the day.

Today I Love The Snow Dusted Path

Kelly Babcock

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