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Today I Love The Playoff season

Ahhhhh ….

Today I love the playoff season and I love how well we did last night. I love that we led the game for all of the first half. I love that we only had one really bad end. I love that my last shot was nothing short of miraculous and that, when it looked like the other team was going to score and easy three or four against us, I came through with the hammer and crashed their house of rocks and cut them down to one point with a shot that my vice called a circus shot. I love that we came in a solid second and in the end we were only one point behind which was pretty amazing for a team where three of us had less cumulative curling experience together than either one of the other teams two top players. I love that we were all ready to keep playing another end but the other team thought it best to quit while they were ahead, so clearly we had them worried. I love curling and I love that team I had last night because we went into that game to have fun and dammit, we did have fun and that means we got our own kind of win. I love that I have another team in the playoffs still ’cause this is one strange sport and I can do that … apparently, and we play tomorrow night and so I have another chance to have some fun before I start to turn my attention to dragon boating.

Today I love that this is the last full day of winter and that tomorrow, an hour before I go to curl again, Spring will arrive to relieve her frosty sister of her duties of keeping time for us all. I love how Spring will say to her sister, “Well done, love, you kept them all from freezing when things could have gotten so much worse.” and then she’ll calmly and slowly go about the business of getting the place ready for their sister, Summer’s arrival in three months.

Today I love that my day is busy, once again, with chores and tasks, laundry, and dishes, and a lunch engagement, and then another round of being the Chinese God Of Good Fortune for a cultural event at my old college. I love that there is banana bread in the house. I love how easy it is to find something that causes happiness. I love how sometimes if you challenge yourself, you realize that challenges don’t always need to succeed, often just the challenge is fun.

Today I love slowly sipping coffee and letting it take me gently through my busy day with a calm mind and an easy, gentle frame of mind … remember, I’m a professional though, don’t try this at home. Ha! I’m kidding, try it at home, try looking for love and peace and hope and inspiration in the smallest of things, like a cup of coffee.

Today I Love The Playoff season

Kelly Babcock

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