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Today I Love Chinese New Year’s Eve

fog and trees
Very relaxing on a busy day

Today I love Chinese New Year’s Eve and getting as much of our errands and tasks done today in order to sweep out the bad luck before tomorrow begins. I love that tomorrow no sweeping is allowed because we do not want to risk sweeping out the new year’s good luck. I love that when one endeavors to embrace any and all cultures there is a lot more to celebrate and I enjoy celebrating. I love that I will again be playing the part of the God Of Good Fortune this coming weekend and that’s fine with me, being recognized as someone related to good fortune never hurts one’s relations with one’s community. I love that my community can justly be referred to as fusion, mostly because I refuse to limit my experiences to any one cultural slot or niche. I love that I continue to seek new adventures and experiences and also continue experiencing those experiences that were adventures the first time I tried them. I love that when I decide to relax, it is usually because I have been engaging in something exotic and new to me. I love that because of my open acceptance of any and all cultures I get to experience new year celebrations at least twice a year . I love that I’m open to learning about other new year’s traditions.

Today I love that there is fog all around the cottage that lights up when the sun, I assume, breaks through the upper clouds to shine on this terrestrial one that is clinging close to us and closing in our view of the distances. I love that the air temperature is above freezing and the snow is settling down all around so maybe, just maybe, it will become the base I want to create my toboggan run. I love that the cottage warmed up this weekend so quickly which is surprising given how cold it was over the past two weeks. I love how easy it is for me to forget the cold when it warms up even a little bit.

Today I love that we ate all the breakfast food we brought with us and very shortly it will be time to head home and get ready for another week of work and achievements and endeavors and trials and some failures, or lessons if you will, and many more successes. I love that my life rumbles onward and takes me with it, showing me scenery that I, in an earlier state of mind, might well have missed or ignored. I love that I have learned to look, rather than to spend my time complaining about what I haven’t yet seen.

Today I love drinking coffee while the fog loses its light again and turns back to being a shroud to keep me relaxed and resting before the run home and the scurry and hustle to get everything done before the new year.

Today I Love Chinese New Year’s Eve

Kelly Babcock

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