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Today I Love Being Snowed In

snow drift on garage roof
Snow sculpture, roof installation

Today I love being snowed in and as soon as I get my household back in one place I think that’s what we’ll do, be snowed in. I love that one of us works at home and the other one works less than half a mile away. I love that the hardest part of that commute this morning was the driveway. I love that the driveway is now cleared. I love moving huge masses of snow in winter, making it behave, giving it a time out. I love the wild and wonderful whiteness of the world in winter. I love walking through snow and seeing how it hangs and clings to everything. I love the sculpted towers and bluffs and drifts and overhangs that find their places and make them their own until I come along with a shovel or my blower and cut them into squared off walls of white and then I love them just the same. I love that the barbecue looks like the wall of a canyon. I love warm boots and warm coats. I love snow pants and mittens and scarves and hats and hoods. I love long underwear! I love feeling comfortable by the fire. I love good food and eating in front off the television when it’s a snow day. I love snow days.

Today I love that our Christmas tree is still up and it’s going to make it to February after all. I love that we were discussing our plan to store decorations since we never had a tree before and we ended up with lots of decorations, more than we had planned on having for our first tree together ever. I love how many of them are folded paper ornaments, quite a few of them made by me. I love that two of those decorations are projector lights that are placed strategically underneath the tree and aimed up through and behind the tree giving it a gently moving look of mystery. I love that we will have memories of this tree for years to come.

Today I love new guitar strings. I love the smell of freshly made hot chocolate. I love reading great books that friends have told me about or that family has given me to read. I love knowing that I want to make changes in our house and knowing the changes I want to make and being content with the way it is for now and being able to wait for those changes to find their own time. I love our home and the way it is a reflection of our ways and lives, music and books and means of communication everywhere.

Today I love drinking coffee while the snow is sculpting all around us, wrapping itself around our home in a gentle, wintry hug, to keep us company ’til Spring brings her own brand of love.

Today I Love Being Snowed In

Kelly Babcock

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