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Today I Love Early Morning Swims

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Today I love early morning swims at the YMCA pool. I love that I can swim well enough to not drown and that I am enjoying the pool when I get to it. I love that I am fully aware of the oddity of enjoying it when I get there and not really wanting to go when I’m at home getting ready. I love that I call that the theory of exercise inertia, which states that a body at rest should be left to its own devices. I love that I can make myself laugh about exercise and still manage to get to the pool or the gym and do myself some good. I love that I have someone in my life who cares about me enough to make sure I have every opportunity to do that. I love that I am lucky to be able to swim a half a kilometer in forty five minutes because of my lungs but dammit I can do that! Ha ha. I love that when I type “Ha ha.” I actually cackle like a grumpy old man with a plan of sneaky and possibly evil potential outcome. I love that I do not have a plan of sneaky and possibly evil potential outcome … yet. I love that writing that just made me laugh again.

Today I love that yesterday my radio show crew and I took to the stage at the Roxy Theater and were broadcast on the channel we usually are on as a group instead of as individuals and we were received warmly by the in house audience and we had a great time. I love that the broadcast was for a good cause, that we were among some pretty fine talent and that they raised over nineteen thousand dollars. I love that I got to tell a story about my mom and if I can get permission I’m going to share a recording of that here in a future post.

Today I love grocery shopping with intent. I love food experiments that result in tasty successes. I love food experiments where I end up eating what I make while laughing about deciding never to try that again. I love how often I laugh to myself when I write this blog. I love laughter, inside laughter, outside laughter, and especially outside laughter that is uncontrollable. I love breakfast as a general rule and raisin cinnamon oatmeal as a specific example of that love. But still, any breakfast, that is a love worth pursuit. I love that someone gave us an ornament for our tree that fits in perfectly because it is an origami book and we believe in giving books for Christmas and all our other decorations are origami or candy thus far.

Today I love drinking coffee by the tree that is slowly acquiring ornaments while I think about all the exercise I get to do because someone cares.

Today I Love Early Morning Swims

Kelly Babcock

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