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Today I Love The Wild Inland Sea

the bay
The inland sea coming at my shore line

Today I love the wild inland sea as it throws itself at my shoreline in a November tantrum. I love that we mostly respect her moods, for when we do not people pay with their lives. I love that this weather is something we need to patiently wait on, wait until Mother Nature gets it out of her system. I love the raw power of storms, love driving through them when I have to and love letting them keep me where I am when I need to accept that they are not fit to travel through. I love the deep grey green of the water on moody days like this, love how it matches the white grey of the rocks and the lighter green of the cedars with their rusted fringe of branching fret works holding them together. I love the terror of the pounding rain mixed with slushy snow, love that we will dash through that after lunch with our packed up gear to get to the car to head home for an evening of getting ready for the week and enjoying the end of our long weekend. I love that there is a chance that I might be able to throw a few rocks tonight if there’s a free sheet of ice available.

Today I love cottage breakfasts and that today’s was not bad. I love the noises here, the swoosh of snow sliding off the roof, the rattle of rain overflowing the eaves and drumming on the deck, laughter of the little brook beside the cottage as it tumbles its way to the bay. I love that Lucy’s ravens are often here, love how Nip and Tuck drop in to scold us and then tear off to rail against some other perceived injustice. I love how much they remind me of the trolls on social media, ranting about how little the rest of us know because we disagree with them, but at least the ravens have the good sense to move on once they’ve spoken.

Today I love apricot jam on toasted homemade bread. I love my big, cable knit sweater even more than I would have if I’d remembered to bring it with me. I love travel mugs that don’t spill. I love that we picked up a new to us second copy of the Roger Tory Peterson’s field guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America and now we have one for home and one for the cottage. YAY! I love how wonderful it is to leaf through a book with no plot and see the illumination of small random details in ones own life, like, “What was that I just say in that tree?”

Today I love drinking my coffee by the window overlooking the wild inland sea as we remember the gales of November.

Today I Love The Wild Inland Sea

Kelly Babcock

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