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Today I Love The Pain In My Hand

living room corner
There’s a place for a tree here …

Today I love the pain in my hand because it’s reminding me that I was playing music with friends last night and that it seems to be getting better, at least I was able to hit all the chords I needed to play, and now I think those newly limbered up fingers could use a little more practice so I’m going to fit a bit of that into my morning with the hopes that the practice will ease the pain.I love that I can stop fretting about being unable to fret (guitar humor). I love how good we friends sound together in a roguish and casual sort of way, like people who only want to express emotions in song, which is good since we came together as a group of DJs. I love that I know we’re soon going to be known by the name of the show we do and that it is highly unlikely that we would be called anything other than The Georgian Bay Roots. I love how the show’s theme song gets stuck so easily in peoples heads, even ours. I love that we’ll be on the radio as a group on Sunday and we’ll be having a great time there on the annual benefit show that is preempting our own show and because we’ll all be together I know we’re going to have a ball. I love that this group of people I have the honor of being part of is eclectic in style but single minded in intention and that makes us a team that would be hard to beat. I love being part of that radio show.

Today I love that there is an unmistakable Thursday-ness to this day, a kind of “everything is up in the air and yet everything is coming together” sort of feel to it that means that Wednesday is definitely a done deal and Friday is only an wish away from here. I love that I’ve been called to spare at the curling club tonight ’cause I love keeping in practice for that also. I love that that will mean that I will have been to the rink three times this week by the time tomorrow is over. I love Friday night curling the most because I love that people are learning and getting the hang of curling there and finding out how much fun it is.

Today I love eating things made of shredded wheat for breakfast. I love that the tree will be coming into the house soon, or else, dammit! I love that I always laugh when I have to get stern with myself. I love that the first thing I’m going to do once I’ve finished writing this post is to go out to the garage and put the stand on the tree and get it ready to be moved into the living room.

Today I love drinking coffee while contemplating the empty corner of the great room that will soon be filled with tree-ish-ness. Real tree-ish-ness!

Today I Love The Pain In My Hand

Kelly Babcock

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