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Today I Love Music In The Cottage

Nikki playing the piano
Cottage music …

Today I love music in the cottage that rings up from the electric piano we keep there so that I can close my eyes and imagine the worn out ivories and warm glowing wood of all the pianos of my youth, those that were played by musicians and the ones that where hammered on by me and others who just wished they could play. I love that there is someone here who plays and that she chooses to practice while I am writing because that is a kind of peace that I will always need in my life, the peace and joy of someone making music. I love that I am able to make music myself, and sometimes I can even make the piano sound like it wants to be played, though I freely admit that I am better with a guitar and even better just A Capella and best of all when I am playing the stereo. I love that, according to the music that is ringing joyously through the rooms of this cottage, Christmas is coming. I love that our Dragon Boat team has plans for us all to engage in a parade in the little village of my youth, how perfectly wonderful is that? I love that there are Christmas craft and art shows on all over the place and parades scheduled in many towns around our home and the cottage.

Today I love that yesterday we went to a two hour class and learned how to paint a dragon using a Chinese painting technique that involved Chinese calligraphy ink and water colors. I love that the dragon I drew and painted didn’t turn out too badly, though I wouldn’t want to hang it anywhere but on the fridge. I love that I’m fairly certain I could do a better job of it the second time around if I remembered to take my meds so that I didn’t stiffen up and get sore in my shoulders and neck part way through, it’s good to have aspirations. I love that I would have also preferred to have more time to work on it, but I love that I got a finished product out of the event. I love that the dragon I drew and painted is a cousin of the Grey Bruce Dragon Boat logo dragon.

Today I love that I got to eat all the older bacon all by myself! I love breakfast at the cottage. I love finally getting back here, been missing this for weeks and we have some more weekend things coming up that will keep us from getting here in the next little while but I will make every effort to come here when I can. I love that I am pondering spending a day or two here just writing in the future. I love how hard it is to write here because it is so beautiful, and yet how easy it is to write here for the exact same reason.

Today I love drinking my coffee while music is being played on well worn ivory and ebony keys, even if the well worn part is only in my imagination, the music still rings out, clear and true and heartfelt, a gift given and received.

Today I Love Music In The Cottage

Kelly Babcock

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