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Today I Love Keeping Warm

Cold and frosty back yard
We be chillin’

Today I love keeping warm in this chilly weather. I love that the fire is on and the warm gentle air is being blown my way as I sit here and write. I love that I have a few errands to run but that my day should end up with me being back home taking care of “in house” stuff by the time the afternoon rolls around. I love working steadily through my day. I love that my next radio show is coming together wonderfully well and I’m really looking forward to it. I love that my friend Kailey will be doing the Christmas show on the 23rd and then I get to do the last show of this year on the 30th. I love that I’ve got a few ideas for it and I love that I’ve started working on the one after that as well, at least I’ve started planning it in my head. I love that I’m juggling tv show production times with radio show spot recordings. I love when I suddenly remember that I’m old enough to pull rank on people in their 30’s and 40’s and tell them what they can do with their ideas of what “seniors” should be doing. GET OFF MY LAWN! 😉

Today I love that I was able to go throw some rocks at the rink last night to get some practice in. I love that the club is such a fun place. I love how enjoyable it is to help others with their game and to learn from them as well. I love how curling is as much about what could happen as it is about what you plan, and much more about accepting what did happen and moving forward from there. I love that curling is a game of skilled luck or lucky skill, and sometimes it’s about throwing a rock down the ice and listening to it rumble and watching it do just exactly what you wanted it to do.

Today I love the right tools for the job. I love that there is a postal service that still runs smoothly even if there are some contractual employee issues currently going unsolved. I love how wonderful it is to spend time at the cottage. I love that there will be Christmas and other holiday happenings all over the place soon. I love that my next two weeks look so busy that I’m scrambling to keep track of every thing I’m supposed to do.

Today I love drinking coffee while I write in front of the cozy warm fire on this chilly cool day.

Today I Love Keeping Warm

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