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Today I Love Curling For The Win

the tree in the living room
Corner fulfilled …

Today I love curling for the win and that it was a close match but we were never in the lead of it until the last rock was thrown. I love that we were down by two going in to the last end without the hammer and we stole three points. I love that there are people in this world, like Mr. T. who would know exactly what that statement meant. I love that although my shooting was off last night we didn’t do really well until the last end when I threw the shots I was supposed to throw and although I’m not claiming to have done much of anything, it meant that the team had the opportunity to clutter the house with stuff that the other team couldn’t move, and that’s how we won … just barely. I love how much fun the game is and how it reminds me that it doesn’t matter what you do to enjoy yourself, but it does matter that you invest yourself in what you do. I love that there are things I am invested in, things like music and curling and dragon boating, and that the return on those investments is joy and happiness. I love that, like throwing guards in curling, investing passionately in your life gives you the opportunity to score better health than you would have enjoyed, better physical and mental health. I love that I can say passionately to you that you should find things that intrigue you and then do those things without hesitation.

Today I love that there is a tree inside my house for the first time in eight years, the first time since I became a widower, and I am comfortably good with this development. I love that there is joy in this home and that the tree has increased that joy on all fronts, including mine. I love that I am at the point where memories are more important than the feeling of loss, and that those feelings of loss have become comforting aches that remind me of my past life and how much good I have gotten to experience so far in all these decades.

Today I love that this is the day of Friday spirit that has been coming since the beginning of time, the only day that could have been to fill this 24 hours, the once in a lifetime chance to experience Friday, November 30th, 2018 … there will never be another one like it. I love that there will be more music and more curling on this wonderful Friday. I love that the music will happen at the Bleeding Carrot and then there will be a wild rush to get to the club for the curling. I love that this is how my weekends start in the colder half of the year.

Today I love drinking coffee while pondering the wonder of the fact that we have the rest of our lives to gather ornaments for trees, more each year no doubt, though each tree will be different in its own subtle ways.

Today I Love Curling For The Win

Kelly Babcock

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