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Today I Love Canadian Weather

Infected finger
This too shall pass …

Today I love Canadian Weather. I love that everything is covered in snow and that Facebook tells me it snowed on this day a year ago too. I lovehow quickly everything changed from greens and browns to white and bright. I love how great the new snow tires are. I love when things work the way they’re supposed to. I love that we went to the market and got doubles of everything because we won’t be at the market next week. I love adventures like spending a weekend in a city I haven’t been to in fifty or more years. I love that I am looking forward to this one. I love how much my spirit thrives when I nourish it with life and living and taking chances and opportunities. I love that my thriving spirit keeps me moving forward and not dwelling on the past or even lingering in the present longer than I need to to be cognizant of the gifts and treasures my life has brought and is bringing to me. I love the phrase, “to be continued” because until I’m done, my life is to be continued in joy and happiness and revelry.

Today I love that I can write my posts from almost anywhere. I love that I am sitting in my local emergency room and writing this on my phone. I love that I can write it my thumbs because my finger is too swollen and sore to even poke at a screen. I love that my injured finger is on my broom hand and not my rock hand so I can still curl. I love that last night we won the first three ends and still lost the game so we didn’t have to buy drinks and the other team did. I love curling with my current team, they’re new and green and learning fast, but they’re doing great and we’re having a whole lot of fun.

Today I love my country and our health care. I love breakfast at the market. I love all the music I got to play and listen to yesterday. I love that my injured finger was a porridge making injury, cause that’s just funny. I love that my curling team is made up of two doctors and a nurse and me, and I didn’t make the doctors look at my finger, and only showed the nurse when it hurt and I said “ouch.”

Today I love drinking coffee in the emergency room in my local Canadian hospital.

Today I Love Canadian Weather

Kelly Babcock

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