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Today I Love All The Folk Music

all the Halloween candy
Tough love

Today I love all the folk music and the way it seems to connect so many people together in such interesting ways. I love that once a month or so I get to do a one hour radio show about folk music. I love that anyone can listen to it live on Sunday afternoons at 4PM Eastern unless the local hockey team is playing a game that’s being broadcast and then it goes on the air right after the hockey game. I love that I get to talk about folk music and play the music of famous people who have played in our area and local people who are famous to us. I love how folk music encompasses the entire world and yet is accessible to everyone. I love that there are such diverse people in the folk music world from soulful comedic rocketeers like Steve Poltz to classically trained wonders like Shawna Caspi. I love that I am working on an episode of this show today. I love that the music I write can be called folk music. I love that all of the hosts of our show are musicians. I love that the whole show is so meta when it comes to music being its purpose and its composition and even the binding factor for the hosts, a music show about music by musicians with music and music stories.

Today I love that even though we missed getting home in time to give out candy for Halloween, we did get to see a T-Rex lumbering down the street. I love that we were so late getting home last night that we decided to dine out and when our server came over he was wearing glasses, a white shirt and tie, but his shirt was partly undone and you could see his superman uniform through the opening. Brilliant! I love that we had a bunch of candy to give out, and now we’re going to have to get through that stuff on our own, but we’re determined and though it will be a struggle, we’ll manage somehow.

Today I love mini chocolate bars because you get all the taste and none of the guilt. I love how perfect the weather was yesterday for trick-or-treaters. I love that the few kids we saw on the street were all wearing costumes that looked way too big for them, probably because they were bought to go over their snowsuits and it was too warm to wear a snowsuit last night. I love how rich and wonderful Autumn smells, if someone found a spice that smelled and tasted like fallen leaves I would put that stuff on everything I ate and drank.

Today I love drinking coffee while I contemplate the task ahead of me, all that candy. Oh well, tough job … somebody has to do it.

Today I Love All The Folk Music

Kelly Babcock

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