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Today I Love White Caps On Water

Dock in pieces getting ready for storage
My crazy dock!

Today I love white caps on water and knowing the dock is out. I love that I figured out how to get the dock out even though some buffoon left the post jack at home and I love that as soon as said buffoon gets back here with the jack on Tuesday he will take the posts out. I love that the buffoon is me, ’cause hey, someone has to be the buffoon and I’m so good at it. I love that, though there is still work to be done on the dock, we have this thing down to a kind of an art form. I love that the water is still warm enough to wade in because today I’ll be wading out to just above my waist deep to retrieve the channel marker buoys. I love our funky modular dock that writhes up and down like a snake on rough water and still stays flat and stable enough to walk on. I love that I’m already looking forward to putting it in again next year. I love that we’re making plans for making it even better. I love that the neighbor next door has some of the same modules and I told him if he ever wants to sell them to let me know, ’cause we’d love to add on to ours. I love our dock, even when it isn’t in the water.

Today I love breakfast at the cottage and the way the kitchen sounds and smells and looks like the present and the future and the past all at once. I love that breakfast is always good at the cottage. I love that we’re planning our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner and it’s going to be a good one. I love that roast chicken is standing in for the turkey this year because we’re having dinner by ourselves today and the big family thing is tomorrow. I love that we are happily ensconced in our hideaway for our own thanksgiving.

Today I love that it is easier to find rot in a bushel of apples if it is on the top. I love that it only takes a few bites for people to realize how bad rotten apples taste. I love that it shouldn’t take to long before people realize they need to be sorted out. I love that the more rot there is, the sooner the task needs doing. I love good apples without rot. I love that governments are often like bushels of apples.

Today I love drinking coffee down by the water, with the dock safely on shore and away from winter’s coming ice, while the whitecaps paint the bay with adventurous playfulness.

Today I Love White Caps On Water

Kelly Babcock

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