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Today I love this second shot Of Summer

predawn with clouds
Morning clouds on the move …

Today I love this second shot of Summer that we’ll be enjoying for the next couple of days. I love the huge clouds that are traveling north west in determined measure.  I love the peacefulness of this morning, the way things seem to be falling into place even though it is back to work as usual. I love that the laundry is on and the breakfast mess is cleared away, I love that the day is sweet and warm, and I love that though there are lots of things to do, the day is both well begun and begun well. I love that I will be picking up the new freezer today and there will be stuff in it by the end of this day because that freezer on the refrigerator is crammed so full that stuff makes noises about trying to escape whenever we open the door. I love that the posts that hold the dock in all summer long will be coming out today but I’m hoping the water is warmed up a bit from Sunday when I waded out to bring in the channel markers, that was a damned chilling experience. I love that the gas fireplace at the cottage was working and quickly took the chill out of my bones that day, so maybe it will be part of my day today as well. I love that I’m tough enough to stand in cold water and work when I have to.

Today I love that my day is full of lots of things that need doing, but other than a bit of regular writing this morning I’m free to do all those one off things. I love that I’m rolling things over in my mind and figuring out the best ways to come at them, pick up the freezer this morning so I’ll have help unloading it at lunch time, pull out the dock posts in the heat of the afternoon so the chill of the water can be negated by this warm autumn day at its peak, make fresh porridge as soon as I’m done writing in the cool of the morning so that it doesn’t overheat the kitchen … I got this.

Today I love that my phone is still going though it seems to be getting flakier with each passing week. I love that I can get a new one for free in four months and I’m just hanging on ’til then. I love that if it dies before then I am too the point where my buy out on it won’t be too painful. I love that I have some very set ideas on what my next phone will need to have, and the big important one is wireless induction cradle charging, ’cause I so want to get up every day and know that my phone is charged and not almost dead because the plug in was jammed with lint.

Today I love drinking coffee on the front porch office furniture while those big determined clouds go marching by.

Today I love this second shot Of Summer

Kelly Babcock

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