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Today I Love Friday Skies

pink clouds, morning sky
curdled cotton candy

Today I love Friday skies that look like curdled cotton candy, lumpy with bumps of cloud dots lit from the not quite risen sun. I love that “Friday  skies” sounds enough like “fried egg skies” that it made me laugh. I love the light shining into the space we jokingly call the great room, so bright and fresh. I love that, with the exception of Sunday, the weather is supposed to be warm again over the next few days. I love soft, gentle weather. I love the wild and stormy stuff too, but just as it is different weather, that is a different love. I love that my new old truck came back from being serviced yesterday with a new sticker in the window that tells me its next service is at 300,000 kilometers, which is 186,400 miles. I love that the mileage sounds much more impressive in kilometers. I love the way the days all add up to be a life, and I love that about a quarter of those days are autumn days. I love that, since a life of just one season over and over again would be pretty bland, I get to live this wonderful, full seasonal spectrum life in a place where the seasons change distinctly, and sometimes they change from one day to the next, and sometimes they even change back again on the day after that.

Today I love that I got Sunday’s radio show recorded and sent off to the station in good time. I love that I got my show logs caught up and that I’ve already posted the show to the podcast site and it’s all ready to be switched from private to public after the radio version airs. I love that I have plans to do two more episodes of the TV show I’m hosting this year and then that’s a wrap. I love that I said I’ll think about doing it again next year, and I will, but I’m not saying I will or I won’t until next spring.

Today I love old sealer jars with odd things stored in them. I love that our kitchen never stays clean because we are always cooking things. I love that we don’t have enough room for all our cooking implements and appliances and yet I’m still looking at stuff to buy for the kitchen. I love that I often look at the kitchen and shake my head and wonder at how small it is and how well we are able to work in it.

Today I love drinking coffee while standing on a cold, damp deck in sock feet, cup in one hand and DSLR camera in the other, just to take a photo of that crazy sky.

Today I Love Friday Skies

Kelly Babcock

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