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Today I Love Nudists At The Cottage

my dock
That dock, those waves, this day

Today I love nudists at the cottage who, at the ages of three and two, are comfortable enough not to care if the neighbors see them. I love the joy and abandonment of children at play in the back yard by the bay. I love arriving at the cottage in the evening after working hard through the week and knowing that peace and tranquility are my bed and pillow, they are my weekend reward. I love that I’m planning on easing into a week of creative happiness. I love that I have several conflicting ideas for radio shows and so there will be a list of shows to come. I love how the beginning of next week’s show is already taking shape on virtual paper and that I’m as excited about this one as I was about the last one. I love how I surprised myself by offering to do a radio show and I love that it feels like the perfect fit in my life. I love how much fun I’m having being a tour guide taking listeners through the folk music we play. I love that it gives me an excuse to talk to even more musicians. I love that musicians seem like some of the easiest people to love.

Today I love that in less than thirty minutes I am going to run down to the water and out onto the dock and when I reach the end of the dock I’m not going to stop. I love that the water fluctuates in temperature enough that not everyone is able to just jump in, but since I grew up here I’m not one of those people. I love how much I enjoy being that guy. I love that this little bit of beach is so easy to love, so much fun to hang out on. I love how great a place it was to host a live show at.

Today I love Saturday Farmers’ Market breakfasts and all the wonderful, fresh fruit and veg and bread and food stuff that we get there. I love how that market is an embedded part of my city’s culture. I love that there is so much you can get and see there. I love that this market is the oldest continuously operating one in South Western Ontario. I love that every week something new or something seasonal shows up and I’m all like, “So now there’s that you can get here. Yes!”

Today I love drinking coffee before I run myself out on the dock and throw myself into the bay.

Today I Love Nudists At The Cottage

Kelly Babcock

I was born in the city of Toronto in 1959, but moved when I was in my fourth year of life. I was raised and educated in a rural setting, growing up in a manner I like to refer to as free range. I live in an area where my family history stretches back 6 or more generations. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50 and have been both struggling with the new reality and using my discoveries to make my life better. I write two blogs here at Psych Central, one about having ADHD and one that is a daily positive affirmation that acts as an example of finding the good in as much of my life as I possibly can.

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