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Today I Love Friday Mysteries

insulated booties
Parkas on my feet …

Today I love Friday mysteries. What will this day bring? I don’t know yet, but I know I will find ways to love it all. I love that I was up by six-thirty. I love the bustle of my community as the buses rumble to and fro and the walking and cycling students make their ways to their various institutions of education. I love that this Sunday’s radio show is “in the can” as they say, and now I get to ponder next month’s for a little while. I love that the open mic is on today. I love that there’s plans for the weekend that don’t involve a lot of scrambling so far. I love that we got a chance to see the performers of a local acrobatics troupe rehearsing their show last night. I love that I took over four hundred photos, maybe over five hundred. I love how keen the performers were and that it made for a perfect date night. I love helping friends with advice when I can. I love that today there is time for laundry because that has fallen a little behind. I love that I found my favorite jeans that went AWOL a month ago and they were in my jeans drawer of course! I love that I laughed out loud when I told them that only a pair of jeans can make an ass of themselves. I love that I’m not sorry for saying that, and I’m not even sorry that I’m not sorry.

Today I love that the oatmeal has questionably fresh strawberries in it and that has saved the strawberries from further degradation. I love that there is also a chopped up peach in there and its quality made it the perfect candidate to join the strawberries. I love that I have a grocery shopping list to take care of today, a kitchen that needs cleaning and some writing to do so hopefully I won’t get side tracked.

Today I love foot parkas. I love that I am tired but happy. I love that I feel like I could nap, but since there’s no time I won’t waste any in trying because I am usually not successful at that napping thing anyway. I love that my health care providers are trying one more thing to see if they can solve at least some of the reflux/breathing/coughing thing. I love that I get to be involved in this treatment in a way that isn’t just passive. I love that there might be good news about this very subject in six weeks or so.

Today I love drinking coffee on the front porch while I ponder all the things I have to do.



Today I Love Friday Mysteries

Kelly Babcock

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