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Today I Love The Rush Of Mondays

Summerfolk construction
If I built you a folk festival, would you come to it?

Today I love the rush of Mondays and how they promise a week of achievements and then deliver on their part of them, the start. I love that Mondays have the audacity to make promises that the rest of the week always has to keep. I love how Mondays can seem like Wednesdays sometimes in the same way that Sundays can be very mysterious about their identity. I love incognito days. I love that I am working on Summerfolk construction even though it is ten o’clock and I’m still not on site and won’t be for an hour yet, because I’m working on it in my head, going over what needs to be done, what changes have been made, and how that makes the whole thing different from other years. I love that my episode of Georgian Bay Roots aired without issue yesterday and now it is online as a podcast. I love that I get to be a part of that team of fun people who bring folk music and Summerfolk news to those who choose to listen to the show. I love that I now get to volunteer for Summerfolk all year round, it’s great to get to do things you love in support of things you love.

I love that Placido Domingo said, and I’m paraphrasing here,  to never be afraid to give the world your mistakes because they are a part of you and you are only human. I love that some of my best mistakes have become part of or the incentive for some of my best offerings to this world. I love that I get to perform in so many ways, doing so many different things. I love how my life seems to sink into itself like a body into a comfortable chair that just gets more luxurious and more comfortable with each passing moments recline.

Today I love that on Facebooks “On This Day” page the first thing I read was a “Today I Love” post from three years ago when they were still on Facebook, and the first comment on that post was one from my Friend Barbara who we lost yesterday. I love that social media is a canvass on which we can paint bits of our lives and leave them there for others to find when they need them, like hand made jewellery from a friend. I love that I keep finding good things about social media and how I keep finding good friends.

Today I love drinking coffee on the road back to town, preparing myself for another day of Summerfolk creation.

Today I Love The Rush Of Mondays

Kelly Babcock

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