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Today I Love The Peaceful Calm Of The Site In The Morning

the bay by the park
The calm …

Today I love the peaceful calm of the site in the morning before things start really shaking up and waking up. I love the way the park is the perfect placid place, the proverbial calm before the storm this morning. I love that the trash barrels that we use only for Summerfolk all say Summerfolk on them but because Summerfolk is such a long word you can’t read it all on a round trash can and I’ve taken to calling my fellow volunteers Merfolk. I love that I get to be a part of this. I love how it all works even though in all honesty there is no part of it that isn’t powered at least partially by hopes and prayers. I love that hopes and prayers are always more useful before anything goes wrong and always seem like self serving pompousness after the shizzle hits the fizzle, and that we always direct our hopes and prayers in advance and bring to bear the full spectrum of our combined expertise when things go south so that in the end the whole show manages to stand itself up and stay together and strong for just as long as we need it to every year.

Today I love that last night I relaxed and even though I went to the Rec Centre I didn’t hit the track or the pool, I just showered and scrubbed what seemed like a week’s worth of grime off of me and then relaxed in the air conditioning while I waited for it to be time to go home. I love that that place is such a friendly and welcoming spot. I love that this town is the same in many ways, most people are friendly and welcoming all of the time and all people are friendly and welcoming some of the time with only a few possible exceptions and I’ve never met them.

Today I love that I hurt in the best way. I love that my body is telling me I’ve been working hard, ’cause I’m damned if I want to trade it in with gas left in the tank. I love that I keep finding more things I can do, more things I’m capable of accomplishing, and that thrills me. I love good jam on freshly made toast. I love lemonade when it’s really hot, but not too much of the stuff, ’cause it makes me pucker.

Today I love drinking coffee in the calm before the storm by the bay in the park that we’re steadily transforming to festival mode.

Today I Love The Peaceful Calm Of The Site In The Morning

Kelly Babcock

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