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Today I Love The Beating Sun

backstage coffee
Hot sun, hot coffee

Today I love the beating sun as it scorches the world to remind us that summer has its down side too. I love the fun that people are having here in the park at the splash pad and on the beach. I love that the whole show seems to be coming together very well, though I cannot vouch for that personally because some things have changed and now I don’t know what is done, what’s not done, and what isn’t going to be done because something else is being done in its place … ignorance is bliss. I love that I am confident that the show will go on and it will be called a success, because that which works will be great and that which doesn’t work will be lessons for future shows. I love that sometime between now and tomorrow night this park will change from being a job and become an experience of amazing depth and wonder. I love that I do all this for music and for art. I love that music and art are a huge part of my life and this is like the annual culmination of the year’s endeavors. I love that my life has found its way to this point.

Today I love that another season of Dark Matter is available on netflix and that’s a weird show. I loved Altered Carbon, though it got awfully soap opera-y in the middle and never completely recovered. I love good science fiction but until I can find some, netflix will have to do. I love that I was all excited about Lost In Space being remade and I love that I’m still persevering in watching it, hoping it will save itself. I love that I cut my teeth on classics like Asimov and Clarke and Bradbury, and so I’m aware that nothing can be done to bring back great sci-fi.

Today I love that the air smelled like ripe peaches when I walked out of the house this morning which is interesting because peaches don’t normally grow around here. I love the random sweet smells of things in bloom and growing. I love couples who stand close and indicate to the world that they are a couple, and entity of one pair, a family unto themselves. I love that I get to sit back and watch the world so much, because the world is still filled to overflowing with love in the small places, the nooks and crannies, the cracks and crevices, and it will continue to grow and rise and regain a balance because that’s what the balance of nature is, the balance of love.

Today I love drinking coffee in the shade of back stage at the main stage while the sun beats down on the world.

Today I Love The Beating Sun

Kelly Babcock

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