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Today I Love Sundays That Strike Without Warning

stage construction
The aftermath of Sunday striking …

Today I love Sundays that strike without warning. I love when I wake up and have to reason out what day it is by process of elimination. I love Sunday coffee in bed, even though I have to hit the road and get to work on Summerfolk, ’cause folk festivals don’t build themselves, eh? I love that I started this post in the morning and it’s now lunch time and I’ve worked hard so far on the festival’s construction. I love that I get fed lunch and get to eat with the most eclectic collection of people who come from everywhere just to help put on this show. I love that there are all kinds of people here with all kinds of tastes and all kinds of plans and all kinds of hopes and dreams. I love that everyone here is willing to help by being cheerful and happy and telling jokes. I love that this place is like home for two weeks and I love that those two weeks seem like six weeks because so much happens and time just seems to stand still. I love that I get to do this every year.

Today I love that I’m off to the cottage tonight and I’ll get to throw myself into the bay and that will be as good as a shower as far as I’m concerned. I love that I’ll be back here on Monday morning some time, but not until I’ve had a cottage breakfast. I love that this has been one of my most favorite summers so far, and I’ve seen a lot of summers. I love that I still feel like I’m eighteen in my heart and in my soul, even though my body is quick to remind me that I am in my sixtieth year.

Today I love Barbara Ann Hehner. I love her spirit and her soul, her quick acceptance of joy without doubt, and her love of her family and her synagogue and this world that made her so happy so much of the time. I love that so many people are accepting her friendship as the gift we know it was and celebrating our having known her. I love that she was such a blythe spirit in a world that sometimes didn’t deserve her, and I love that she never felt that way about the world. I love that I miss her because that tells me how special she was to this to me and to my world.

Today I love drinking coffee in a world that is a little less friendly, while I work on Summerfolk and while Sunday strikes without warning.

Today I Love Sundays That Strike Without Warning

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