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Today I Love A Day Off … Sort Of

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My Wednesday office coffee

Today I love a day off … sort of, where I get caught up on all the work I’ve been putting off while Summerfolk gets itself built. I love that the park is changing in ways both subtle and grand that don’t really make much of a difference, but that somewhere between five and seven o’clock on Friday evening there will be a sudden transformation from jumbled clutter to magic and festival. I love that every year it’s like a magical spell is cast over the whole thing and suddenly old two by fours and plywood and paint and screws become ballrooms and village pubs and the great halls of castles where jesters and musicians play for our pleasure. I love that I get to see this happen, even have a hand in causing it. I love that I get to work on this and I love the results every year. I love that all the things that I get to do for construction are either things I’ve had experience in doing before or they are things that I’ve acquired experience doing because of Summerfolk. I love all the work I get to do to help make Summerfolk happen. I love that that isn’t happening today.

Today I love that I get to get caught up on all the writing and editing and IT work that I normally do, though I will not get completely caught up because I am tired and because if I could do it all in one day I’d only be working one day a week normally. I love that many people have picked up the slack I’ve left in the rope I usually pull. I love that I feel loved and supported and that things are moving forward. I love that I’m still on big adventures and that if any of them work out I will be shouting the news of their success from the rooftops.

Today I love peaches and raisins in my oatmeal. I love good coffee, and I love bad coffee so long as it isn’t so bad that it doesn’t remind me just a little bit of good coffee so I can pretend that’s what I’m drinking. I love that drinking bad coffee and thinking about good coffee is my version of sipping tea from an empty cup. I love how easy it is to find a peaceful spot in my heart and rest awhile there when I need to. I love that it is often the shade of the maple tree at the end of Johnson’s driveway with a cup of tea and a cigarette and waiting for my mother to deliver the mail, even though it’s all in my mind and the tree and my mother and the tea and the cigarettes are all part of a sublime past that belongs to me and can never be taken away.

Today I love drinking coffee in my Wednesday office will I help all the things that have fallen by the wayside catch up to today.

Today I Love A Day Off … Sort Of

Kelly Babcock

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