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Today I Love Voices From The Past

Feeding time …

Today I love voices from the past, like words of cursive that seem to reside in wood grain until we look at them in just the right light, they come sometimes just when we need them and echo through our lives from suddenly until they deliver their message. I love that last night I was reminded of my childhood in a wonderful but sad way. I love that I will miss my cousin Lawrence, though I hadn’t seen him in over ten years. I love that I was called back in my memories to years ago when the cow in our cow yard would start to moo on Saturday morning and my cousin Lawrence would join in with the mooing, but because it was my mothers cow and because her name was Margaret he would bellow out, “Mmmmmmmaaaaaaaaarrrrggggggg! I love that cousins often make the best friends because they are close enough to family that we understand them but distant enough that we don’t feel as responsible for them. I love that my friend Caitlin got a sound clip she didn’t know existed, of her late father talking about her and it sounds like it was a pretty wonderful voice from the past for her to have received. I love how there are gifts that touch people in such an inordinate proportion to their cost that it is very likely an inverse proportional thing. I love how much love can be held in a container of words.

Today I love that the heat is gone for now, though the rest of the week is supposed to be warm again. I love that we have company coming and they will be able to enjoy the cottage without the heavy heat we had for the last two days. I love that it is overcast and offering to rain this morning because that would also cool off the area a bit. I love that the today’s forecast high of 24°C or 75°F is a perfect summer temperature for our area. I love that we were in the chilly cold water yesterday and it feels fine after you’ve been in it for a while.

Today I love loose plans for campfires, music, laughter, food and all the other summer stuff we’ve been looking forward to. I love how we come to the cottage planning to be busy and having all kinds of things to do and when we get here, the things just get done and the busy is part of the leisure. I love that there are hummingbirds at our feeder, coming and going and eating their fill or maybe taking some back to the little ones at the nest if they’ve hatched yet.

Today I love drinking coffee on the deck listening to the music of hummingbirds humming and water lapping and wind swishing through the trees.

Today I Love Voices From The Past

Kelly Babcock

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