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Today I Love The Possibility Of Friends Showing Up Unexpectedly

Checking for friends

Today I love the possibility of friends showing up unexpectedly, which, when you think about it, is any time ’cause they weren’t expected. I love the kind of sense of humor that makes a friend say things like, “I could be on your doorstep right now!” I love that I wished so hard that that were true. I love my doorstep that much more for thinking that friend might just show up at it some day even though we’ve never met. I love how small the world has become at the very same time that it has become prohibitively large, that in this day we can meet and become good friends with someone without ever being in the same place at the same time. I love that we could live our whole lives and never meet and still feel the wealth of this friendship. I love how knowing people has become so much easier for those of us who are open to the idea. I love that I believe that this availability of access will eventually overpower the determination of the persistence of ignorance and that we will become, with each advance in technology, a community planet, rather than a collection of geopolitical borders and racial divisions. I love this world and I am so looking forward to the time when it can truly love itself.

Today I love that the Orchestra North open mic at the Bleeding Carrot last night was a lot of fun and that I ended up playing at it even though I’m not orchestral in any sense or by any stretch of the imagination. I love that I had the opportunity to take care of the sound system for them which fit in nicely with the reason I went there, to record the show.I love that I was able to set up my gear and use it without it being in theĀ  way of anyone there. I love that many of the participants weren’t aware that I recorded the show. I love that, if the recording turned out okay, I may play clips from it on the radio in a couple of months.

Today I love that my house has been cleaned up a great deal and I just have a couple of rooms left to tackle before the weekend. I love all the laundry that finally got done, all the stacks of folded clothes waiting to go away. I love that I have too many T-shirts and that I don’t care that I do.

Today I love drinking coffee and chatting about how there’s no way anyone is on my doorstep when I’m sitting right there.

Today I Love The Possibility Of Friends Showing Up Unexpectedly

Kelly Babcock

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