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Today I Love Newly Repaired Steps

New steps and decking
Stepping up the sturdiness …

Today I love newly repaired steps and a list of other projects that are going to be tackled today and in the coming weeks. I love that there are things I can do, things I’ve done often enough as a contractor, that add ease and comfort to our surroundings here on the edge of the bay. I love that I have the tools and the know how and, on occasion, the time to make things better. I love that we have made changes here that we like. I love that the bunkie is on the list of things that are darned well going to get better.I love that we discuss things a lot and when we figure out that we either have no more to say about them or that we’ve found the route we wish to pursue to initiate change in something, we pounce leisurely on the required steps to make that change happen.I love that it is getting darker here and the rain is not far off. I love that we are hoping for a good rain today. I love that I am willing to watch it rain on my day off, even though I’d really like to go swimming and kayaking instead. I love that a good rain, once it settles in, calms and relaxes me. I love that so many people are hopeful for a good rainfall here and the sooner it comes and the longer it lasts the happier we’ll all be.

I love that the bay is warming up still, that I can walk out into it and swim without much hesitation and that I’ve decided that next weekend I’m just going to walk to the end of the dock and throw myself into the water. I love that the cottage is so relaxing because the water is right there and we just look at each other and say, ” …. yeah, let’s just go swimming.” and that’s what we do.

Today I love garlic scape pesto with mushrooms and back bacon and pasta for lunch. I love when I’m at the cottage and I wear old shirts that I had put in storage because I don’t really care about them, but it turns out that I liked all of them and that makes sense, ’cause I never did throw them out, did I? No, I did not. I love that we’re talking about so many changes we want to make and some of them can’t be done if we’re doing others, they’re mutually exclusive, but we’ll figure out which things to do and they’ll be the right ones.

Today I love drinking coffee while I work on projects like the bunkie steps. Boom. Completed!

Today I Love Newly Repaired Steps

Kelly Babcock

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