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Today I Love My Truck Getting Fixed Quickly

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Today I love my truck getting fixed quickly, I hope, but I at least love that it got in to see its doctor the same day that I called for an appointment. I love that I get to tell people that it needs exhaustive surgery, not because the procedure required is a long, drawn out thing, though it may be, but because it needs work done on the exhaust. I love when I can make fun of things without hurting anyone’s feelings and I especially love when I can make fun of things that I know are going to cost me. I love that I am selling my old boat, because I can’t justify needing something to get me out on the water when I have a cottage right on the water. I love that the old boat seems to still be in good condition given that it’s been in storage for six years now. I love the feeling of letting go, of accepting the loss of something that gave me some freedom and then allowing myself to flex and stretch in the new reduction of responsibility for that thing. I love when change can be experienced in a way that legitimately feels good. I love that there are still many boats in my life. I love that we are going kayaking on the weekend and then dragon boating on Tuesday night.

Today I love that I got lots of organizing and moving of things done yesterday. I love that I started making new shelves in the garage to make room for the potential installation of a small freezer out there. I love that I have groceries to get and guitars to deliver and a bicycle ride in my future today, that I’ll be dropping off my guitar at the scene of this afternoon’s open mic this morning, and then bicycling down this afternoon … unless my truck has recovered from it’s malaise by then.

Today I love that goldfinches have located some seeds in the front flowerbed that they seem to find delicious and are nibbling away at them just ten feet from my Friday front porch office. I love how they blend in with their surroundings so that only movement reveals their location to me, and only digital zoom technology shows their location in my photographs. I love that lunch today is what supper last night was, ’cause leftovers are the best. I love that in our house Kraft Dinner is the goto comfort food for one of us and Mr. Noodle is that  for the other one and that we both understand and appreciate the other ones comfort food.

Today I love drinking coffee in my front porch office while finches dine in my office waiting room.

Today I Love My Truck Getting Fixed Quickly

Kelly Babcock

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