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Today I Love Good Deals

new-to-me kayak
Bound for the bay …

Today I love good deals where everyone is happy. I love that we bought two new-to-us kayaks for the bay at the cottage so we can bring our little rec kayaks home to the river. I love that the kayak I got seems like it will be nicer to use than the new models I was looking at. I love that it is bright yellow which is a color I never would have considered until I saw it. I love that the guy selling it seemed happy that it was going to people who were enthusiastic about it. I love that he was asking a reasonable price for the kayak and that because he was including all the extras I felt fine just paying the price and not dickering with him over it. I love that the difference between what I would have offered him and what he was asking wouldn’t have covered my buying the extras that came with it. I love how much I’ve fallen in love with kayaking even though we don’t go far and we don’t go hard. I love the plans for going out kayaking today to try out the two new boats, as long as the weather holds. I love that if the weather doesn’t hold there has been a suggestion that we just sit in them in the downstairs lounge and watch a movie. I love that this suggestion was met with laughter and not eye rolling when I made it so it totally might be on.

Today I love that this is a typically untypical Saturday in that we are going through the usual motions but that there are new things involved like kayaks and upgrades to different things like the garage and the bunkie. I love that the market was busy but not crazy. I love that lunch will be Syrian food. I love that people are responding to the cottage concert we’re planning in August. I love that one of the first people to respond and accept my invitation was the musician playing the concert, that was quite a relief. I love that she is among my favorite musicians.

Today I love loading up for the cottage. I love making sure I have my book to read and my weather gear for if I choose not to read when it’s raining. I love that there are green peas growing at the cottage and I’m excited to see if they are ready to be picked. I love that the cottage makes me feel relaxed even though I’m often busier there than I am at home.

Today I love drinking coffee while I write about dreaming about kayaking.

Today I Love Good Deals

Kelly Babcock

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