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Today I Love Cool Morning Air

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Today I love cool morning air on days when we know it will be hot soon. I love Thursday mornings and the way they feel so casual and comfortable. I love how so many of the week’s things are done already and the ones that aren’t done yet are whispering that there is still today and there’s always tomorrow. I love when people come to the rescue when you least expect them to. I love that when I think the world is falling apart, people can often surprise you. I love getting things moving forward. I love that I’m almost ready to sign off on the first episode of my latest project. I love the suspense that is gathering around that, even if it is just in my own imagination. I love the people I work with on a regular basis and how good each different group is as a team. I love getting to know the ropes when I take on a new job and I love finding the “a-ha” moments when I suddenly realize that I’ve always subconsciously wondered how some things were done and then I suddenly stumble on the answers. I love that I get to do so many things in my life, and I’m not done trying new things yet.

Today I love that it is supposed to rain tomorrow a little and on Monday a bit more. I love neighbors calling out good morning to each other. I love the way life parades past my front verandah in the morning, moms and dads and kids off to work and summer school and daycare and adventures and holidays and sometimes just out for a walk. I love that someone camped out last night across the street and though they had trouble getting to sleep and were very chatty and threatened to keep me awake, they did not and I fell asleep grumbling and woke up this morning having forgotten all about them.

Today I love that the cat across the street looks for all the world like she is a white cat dressed in a dark grey hoodie and black socks; you don’t notice it right away, but when you do you can’t help but laugh at her attire. I love that even though I haven’t quite completed the first installment of my latest project I’m already constructing the second one. I love that I have some groceries to get today, ’cause I actually love grocery shopping when I have a little time to do it at a leisurely pace. I love that I may have to just take a run out to the cottage today to check on things, yeah, that’s maybe what I need to do.

Today I love drinking coffee on this lovely cool Thursday morning.

Today I Love Cool Morning Air

Kelly Babcock

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