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Today I Love Waking Up Free

Police leading the pride parade
The parade started out positive and grew from there

Today I love waking up free in a free country where I am able to be me and do the things I love to do. I love that in my little town at least a thousand people showed up to be in or to watch the Pride parade that took place yesterday. I love that there was no trouble. I love that love is such a wonderful thing and that there are many people who are aware that where ever it is found, love needs to be cherished and nurtured. I love waking up and being free to look at the water, listen to the wind, call out to the birds who call back to me and share my joy of this state of being. I love the joy I feel at being alive and among friends and family. I love that the irises are blooming and so is the phlox. I love that there are buttercups on the lawn that people treasure and derive pleasure from. I love this world of wonders where my friend Caitlin has a young rescue dog that has learned to climb trees and that one of her other dogs, as soon as it realized that was allowed, just began climbing trees as well. I love one friend has suggested that this may be evolution happening and that we may have to step aside in a few generations and make way for our new overlords.

Today I love music and the making of it. I love that, although recording music seems to be the physical manifestation of commercializing music, it is also an art form and a way of being able to enjoy ones own music at ones leisure. I love that I have the gear to record things and just might pursue that soon because I’d like to hear what my songs sound like without having the complication of playing them going on while I’m trying to listen.

Today I love leftovers, ’cause busy people with busy lives live for easy meals and leftovers are almost as easy as going out for food and are much more economical and always better tasting. I love how adventurous we are with our food, taking chances on cultural fusion and making ambitious recipes and just generally being brave about eating things. I love that I have to eat to stay alive, ’cause it’s a great excuse to get to cook and enjoy good food. I love that I have a million excuses for going over the top in the kitchen. I love that sometimes I get caught up on the kitchen cleaning.

Today I love drinking coffee on the front step while I revel in the remembrance of yesterday’s Pride parade.

Today I Love Waking Up Free

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