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Today I Love This Sweater Cool Weather

cool weather sweater
Maybe more of a jacket?

Today I love this sweater cool weather here on the front, west facing porch. I love that I have a sweater. I love that the air tastes as sweet as vanilla ice cream, that I can almost smell the cone it’s served in. I love that many people will be relieved at the drop in temperature this morning after the weekend’s high temperatures here. I love that I was in the bay on Sunday. I love that we got the dock in and that it seems to be staying put. I love all the wildlife we see at the cottage even though it is in a somewhat built up area on a well traveled road. I love how I can’t keep from being excited about life and the little things that make it up. I love music in the mail and the people who send it. I love that the more I admit to my love of music the more I get to be involved with it. I love that this Friday I’ll be hosting the taping of another episode of Our Community Stage with two young musicians I admire a lot. I love that I get to play around with music from both the musician’s vantage and from the worshiping disciple’s point of view.

Today I love that this week has started out with a powerful surge of activity yesterday where I continued on with doing a whole bunch of organizing and fixing and progress on cleaning up and straightening out and getting things in order and today I hope to spend at least part of my time doing more of that stuff. I love that this is Tuesday and that means dragon boating and that means fun. I love that we have been crewed well enough to go out every week so far, and that there seems to be a lot of interest in the boat this year. I love how enthusiastic people are about learning the technique required to paddle a dragon boat. I love how some people are surprised that their best canoe stroke is almost the worst stroke for a dragon boat … surprise!!!

I love that I know that alot isn’t a word and that allot doesn’t mean the same thing as “a lot.” I love that I know that “into” is not the same as “in to” and therefore there is a huge difference between “Turn the car into a driveway.” and “Turn the car in to a driveway.” and that one of them requires a driver’s license and the other requires a magician. I love that I get to edit stuff and that even I know that my stuff needs to be edited. I love the wonderful mistakes I make and that there are people checking my work. Thank you editors, I love you.

Today I love sitting on the front porch drinking coffee in the sweater cool morning air.

Today I Love This Sweater Cool Weather

Kelly Babcock

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