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Today I Love The Wildness Of The Garden

Chives growing on the path
Chivey walkway

Today I love the wildness of the garden. I love that even though our garden is set up with a plan, when things get out of hand we often just let them go if they aren’t doing any harm. I love that we have chives growing and flowering between our pathway paving stones, love how they choke out so many other things and smell wonderful and are edible on top of all that. I love that there will soon be vine flowers, that the peas and beans are erupting all over their rows and that there are tomato blossoms coming on. I love that today is chilly and cool, because I like to be reminded that it isn’t really summer yet. I love that we still have over two weeks of spring to enjoy before summer officially arrives. I love that I’m off to the studio today to tape another episode of Our Community Stage with my guest and friend Richard Garvey, and that after the show is in the can we’ll be meeting up again later tonight in Leith at our good friend Jon Farmer’s place for music and fun. I love how this world just keeps turning round and coming home to music and fun.

Today I love that last night we had a wonderful evening out at our friend’s restaurant called the Oregano Bistro and I ran into one of my high school English teachers and had a little chat with him about being a writer and whether or not that might have been his fault. I love that he was certainly one of the people who helped me realize my current profession. I love that Jimmy and Ping are always so cheerful and happy when we go to their restaurant and that it seems to be impossible to not feel at least a little bit happier about everything when you have spent time there.

Today I love that the market was good. I love that there was a place to write notes of good wishes for one of our market’s regular vendors who has suffered an accident and needs some time off to heal. I love that his absence makes us realize how much we rely on that place for our weekly stores of food. I love that the market is like a grounding point that I get to return to every week. I love how it holds its community in its hands while the community in turn holds the market in its heart.

Today I love sipping coffee in the garden and listening to the chives slowly shouldering the paving stones aside to make room for their growth.

Today I Love The Wildness Of The Garden

Kelly Babcock

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