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Today I Love The Swelling Flowers

columbine growing in a crack in the our walk
Determined columbine

Today I love the swelling flowers that are outlining the yard and making the edges of the grassy areas sparkle like the rim of a jeweled crown. I love the one brave Columbine growing up in the crack of the sidewalk, standing tall despite the adversity it has suffered through the environment it has been forced to endure, unable to choose the structure of its existence and yet persevering despite. I love the dandelions determined waves of yellow and then soft, silver white globes as they continue in their quest for world domination. I love that they are pretty much guaranteed to succeed at that because they thrive on adversity and people provide them plenty of that. Today I love that I feel much better than I did yesterday, so the lawn being cut is definitely on my to do list for today. I love that even though I was feeling ill yesterday I still got many things crossed off my list. I love that the list was a virtual one because actually making a list was not on that list of things I accomplished. I love that lists are so versatile that they need not be in any physical form, though I do recognize that I have more success with the ones I’ve created physically than with the ones I’m sure I’ll remember and therefore don’t bother to create.

Today I love the smell of orange on my hands after I’ve peeled an orange in the morning when I’m making lunches for people who leave home for work. I love planning lunches and dinners when I have ideas about what to do for them. I love that I sometimes go rogue and make things like chicken stew with dumplings from my grandma’s old recipe box. I love that “grandma’s old recipe box” is a meta metaphor for things my grandma used to cook, because sadly she left no such box behind. I love that she set the standard for so many things that I cook and even things I do, and I hope some day to achieve that standard.

Today I love the fullness of the maple tree, gloriously covered in leaves that seem so solid and permanent and at home there that it’s hard to imagine the tree stripped bare of its leaves, though it was that way just four short weeks ago. I love the rich and dusty soft green of the solid spruce tree out front, love knowing how amazing it looks in the winter with its boughs lit up for the snowy season, love that it seems to be trying to light itself up for summer with the sparkle of its new growth.

Today I love drinking coffee in the company of the stalwart columbine growing determinedly in the sidewalk.

Today I Love The Swelling Flowers

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