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Today I Love The Misty Distant Vistas

drifting fog
Cloud resting

Today I love the misty distant vistas of escarpment in fog. I love that it is a cool, damp morning and I hope it stays this way for as long as the big “Ride Don’t Hide” bike ride is on. I love that there seems to be no rain thus far and the clouds are lying on the ground and touching the bay, taking a break from floating over us, taking a rest. I love that there are brave souls out golfing across the road. I love that we will be brave souls this afternoon when we head across the road and tee off around one. I love weekends at the cottage. I love the birds who compete for space on the sound stage of my back yard, all of them talking in chirps and pops and whistles in one big unorganized conversation like people at a party. I love that as I wrote this, one of our ravens, either Nip or Tuck, lit on a cedar branch and started calling for the other. I love that they’re clearly playing some game of hide and seek and Nip cannot find Tuck and Tuck is not giving in. I love the ravens and the wrens, the finches and robins and gulls and geese and ducks and swans and jays and cardinals all.

Today I love that it is Sunday and my friend Lauren Jewell will be on the radio at 4PM on AM560 or hosting Georgian Bay Roots for her first time. I love that GBR is the official show of Summerfolk and I love Summerfolk. I love that so much of what I thought goes into making a radio show is exactly what I thought it would be and yet there are things I never thought about that are very interesting to learn. I love the interesting distinction between talking on the radio and talking on television where one presumes that people see your face, and the distinction is that they can’t see you thinking about what you’re saying on the radio, you have to make it flow a lot more smoothly. On TV, people can tell I’m confused, on the radio it might sound like I’m a bumbling fool. I love that we’re going to find out if that’s really true.

Today I love sitting on the roadside watching cyclists go by and waving and cheering them on. I love wild strawberries growing in the cottage lawn and driveway. I love the wind in the cedars and the waves on the shore. I love the sounds of someone bustling around in the cottage while I write, the sounds of being a family.

Today I love drinking coffee while the clouds lie on the escarpment and on the water.

Today I Love The Misty Distant Vistas

Kelly Babcock

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